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Home of the 88 Flak Clan Forums; you may place your Clan Forum requests here. To have a Clan Forum and user-group created you must have at least 4 members total (including yourself) and proof of at least 21 days of activity. Please see the 24/7 88 Flak Server Rules for more information.
Please also view the Map of Clan Territories, maintained by orangecreamie.
Note: Clan Forums will ONLY be created here under requests from this forum. This forum is only for requesting Clan Forums, and discussion of clans or other server activity should go in the Official Server Forum. All off-topic posts will be deleted or moved.
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  • Sirius Defense Syndicate
    The goal of the SDS is simple; to make Sirius a better place for everyone. Helping new arrivals, protecting existing residents, and crushing those who stand on the opposite side of the law are all part of the job. Whether you are a pirate, corrupted person in power, or an outsider looking to cause mayhem in our home, you fall into one category: our enemy. If you have the utter misfortune of opposing us, you shall be met with the full might of the Sirius Defense Syndicate.
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    Sat Dec 01, 2012 6:04 am
  • Smooth Operators
    The Smooth Operators are not a real faction, but rather a tight-knit syndicate that roams the galaxy in the name of the “greater good.” This may include activities such as policing systems, trade, and quelling political uprisings; however, their work may also extend to piracy, back-room deals, and murder, accomplishing the needed behind-the-scenes work to keep the collective greater good functioning properly.
    The Smooth Operating Syndicate is not directly represented by any individual people, but rather represented by the actions of its benefactors - the collective greater good. As such, Smooth Operating is not currently joinable, and the status of its operatives is highly secretive; there is even some speculation as to whether many operatives even exist at all.
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    Sun Jul 03, 2011 1:07 am
  • Corsair Imperial Forces
    The Corsair Imperial Forces are a special attack force that operates in Corsair Space. They are highly trained individuals that are specialized in countering assaults of any type, attacking various installations and that are skilled in various small and large craft. Most certainly the CIF have made a lot of enemies due to their frequent successful attacks on all Corsair rivals.
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    Sun Jul 29, 2012 9:52 am
  • Black-White Army
    Founded in 2009, the BWA expanded 2011 to be a Multi-gaming clan. Now we play Pirate Galaxy, Freelancer, Minecraft, and a few other games together. In Freelancer, we don't have a big tradition. Founded at 10th of April, 2011, we grew quite fast.

    Our Reputation and Aims? If you want to know these, you have to look into this forum.
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    Wed Sep 07, 2011 10:29 am
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