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Breaking News!

Post by spud6414 » Sun Jan 09, 2011 12:21 pm

This reporter has been working tirelessly on this story for months, it has been dangerous and I have had to deal with many scoundrels and have gotten shot at while flying around the galaxy.

Two nights back I met with an informant who finally broke to me the information I needed to get this story out and the galaxy may now know.

The Rhienland Federal Police are at war with the Rhienland Military! Yes its a passive war, taking place behind the senes with agents and operatives all striving for political power. The people of Rhienland are caught in the middle though. Who knows how many may die or have already died because of this political upheaval!

Two nights ago a highly placed diplomat and I met and he gave me documentation of assasination transaction where the Federal Police Hired Corsair Assasins to take out members of Military and the Government. He also passed on information about spheres of influance with possible Liberty ties. There was also mention of two other orginizations being involved. One being the demise of the vaunted Rhienland Borderworl Operatives, a Secret but honorable orginization. Sadly before I could make this information public an inteligence agent for the crown snatched it from my hands. A Travesty! But not before I had read enough to bring you this story.

Story by Pete Townsend
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