The Crusade.

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The Crusade.

Post by Seth » Sat May 07, 2011 7:51 am

The continuation of the ended thread.
This thread is designed to tell what happened after Seth jumped to the Sector 9 jump hole.

The Maledictus was leading the front line. It was followed by hundreds of fighters, bombers and stolen combat freighters and the single capital ship that was in Crete's docks at that time: The San Salvador, Corsair Imperial Forces Flagship.

The Nomad defensive forces were caught unprepared as the sudden move would've left anyone speechless. Their formations were scattered and easily dispatched by the combined force Don Gabriel was leading. A number of gunboats and battleships tried to resist the assault but failed due to being overwhelmed.

The Corsair Fleet moved to the Nomad Hive and quickly entered siege formation.


The thick, organic, hull resisted the corsair weapons' fury at first, but after a while its regeneration capabilities were rendered useless.

The hull was breached and the in-growth ships could be spotted for a few seconds. After those few seconds the Salamancas, Angelitos and Tizonas started their song of death and the Hive crumbled beneath the furious assault of the Corsair Fighters.

Standing proud could be seen the San Salvador, the pride of the Imperial Forces. Its weapons weren't having a chance to breath as the shells were leaving its Kusari turret emplacements.


The Hive exploded into millions of pieces and by those events the nomads received a heavy blow.
The Armada changed course for home. On Crete they were greeted with parades. Every corsair was celebrating a fine blow on the nomads. The Maledictus and the San Salvador entered orbit.

Lt. Alfonso started speaking.

Don Gabriel, we have detected the Revenge. The capital ship the Syndicate left us.

Lt. activate the general frequency.

3,2,1. Activated. You can speak sir.

This is Don Gabriel Miller speaking. You are aware that the SDS has left us a Liberty Battleship, The Revenge. A Corsair doesn't need any gifts from traitorous scum. Blast that ship out of our space!

Moments later all corsair ships bristled to life, the projectiles chewing the hull of the Revenge. The Maledictus and San Salavador brought their guns to bear, delivering the final blow to the derelict capital ship. It left this plane of existance with a white explosion.

Second OOC:
Some lol event happened when we did the operation:


2 Caps trying to dock at the same fixture at the same time...Not good XD
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Re: The Crusade.

Post by ViRuS » Sat May 07, 2011 5:06 pm

OOC: No, I was not drunk.

Totally not an old sig.

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