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Post by Fagu_Aegeis » Sat May 07, 2011 8:12 am

Somewhere, anytime.

A small fleet composed by the Morpheus and a few ships was passing thru a wormhole tunnel.
The Morpheus was in bad shape, being the battle damage visible and several decks open to space.

In the Moprheus bridge, with the emergency lights on and broken monitors by the explosions and shakes suffered by the ship.

Fagu Aegeis: Damage report!
Officer: We've got several reports of hull damaged in multiple decks, they managed to seal the damaged sections. The engines are no more, we wont be able to move when we get out. The medical teams have been dispached, they are treating the injured.
Fagu Aegeis: Fleet status.
Officer: The Râ didn't make it thru, we've also lost the Chimera and the Beta and Charlie squadrons. The-
Fagu Aegeis: Just say what we have left!
Officer: Okay... the Dreamer managed to jump and still standing, the Alpha and the Gamma squads still with us.
Fagu Aegeis: That's all? What happened to the Hope?
Officer: No clue, they jumped before us.
Fagu Aegeis: Any clue about our destination?
Officer: No, but the desing of the gate was similar to the one found in the Sirius sector. The energy signatures indicated an inter-galaxy jump.

Twenty minutes later~

Disturbances in the wormhole tunnel are feel by the fleet.

Fagu Aegeis: What was that?
Officer: It's the ship! The key has activated again, its energy signatures went off-scale!
Fagu_Aegeis: All ships get ready, its gonna get rough!

And an energy field generated from the Morpheus collapses the wormholes and gets them to normal space.

Fagu Aegeis: Officer status- What the hell is going on!

The Dreamer suddenly explodes, desintegrating anything left in the explosion.

Officer: The Dreamer just exploded!
Fagu Aegeis: All ships, red alert! Officer, weapon's status and our current location.
Officer: Weapon systems at 65%. Our location... Sir, we are picking up a signal. It's a Corsair ship! This is Omicron Gamma. We are back home!
Fagu Aegeis: Hail them!

OOC: Seth, you continue from here.
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Re: Homecoming.

Post by Seth » Sun May 08, 2011 7:13 am

OOC: Red for Seth as usual, Yellow for Alfonso, and Orange for Commander Fernandez on the Dominator..

The Maledictus was orbiting Crete, it was home from a long campaign against the Outcasts in the Sigmas.

Sir, DRADIS contact, Sector 7E.

Run a complete scan, alert all nearby ships of the entry, including the Deflector and Dominator(2 Rheinland Cruisers) and tell them to follow our lead. Change course to Sector 6E.

Scan complete in thirty seconds. The Deflector is hailing us.

On screen.

Don Gabriel we are changing course to coordinates. Our scanners are useless due to a recent battle. Our engineers are currently repairing them.

Follow our lead.

A small task force composed of the Maledictus, the Dominator, the Deflector and 10 Centurions set out for the coordinates.
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Re: Homecoming.

Post by Fagu_Aegeis » Sun May 08, 2011 8:51 am

The crippled fleet awaited.

Fagu Aegeis: How are the ship defenses?
Officer: The engineering team says they can get some of the auxiliary power for the cannons. Weapon systems at 70%.
Fagu Aegeis: Tell the fighters assume defense formation and await my orders.
Officer: Fighters adopting defense formation.

And the 7 fighters, all that was left from the Alpha and Gamma squads, prepared for the uncertain.

Fagu Aegeis: What about the key device?
Officer: Burnt, the last jump was too much for it.
Fagu Aegeis: Sensors and comunications?
Officer: Passive sensors working, medium range only. Active sensors offline. Only short range comunications.
Fagu Aegeis: We'll have to trust whoever comes, won't open fire inmediatly.
Officer: The sensors are picking up a medium sized strike fleet. Can't tell how many ships till they get in range.
Fagu Aegeis: Open channel as soon as they get in range.
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Re: Homecoming.

Post by Seth » Sun May 08, 2011 12:39 pm

The Maledictus and its escorts were advancing to Sector 7E.

Sir we finally detected the ships that breached our space. It appears...Wait something must be wrong with the sensors... (Lt. Alfonso's voice started to tone down until he stopped speaking.)

What is it Lt.?

The ships are appearing to be a heavily damaged "Osiris" Battlecruiser, 3 "Valkirye" Rheinland Fighters, 2 "Paladin" Bretonia Stealth Bombers and 2 "Defender" Liberty Fighters.

Question is, how did they get here. Also we could use another Osiris even though damaged. Probably the commander knows more. If he is alive that is. It seems that numerous decks are opened to space. Give me a secure channel with the fleet.

Channel secured. Speak when desired.

We do not need House scum in our space, but the derelict Osiris may prove useful. All wings engage enemy fighter craft. Capital ship reinforce their position. Lets turn them to dust.

Seth ended the communication.

The escorts fought bravely and valiantly but the superior firepower, numbers and technology of the Corsairs allowed them to instantly secure the Osiris with no loses and open a channel with it.

The communications channel opened with the Osiris, named Morpheus.

Seth was astounded to see Fagu Aegeis' face on-screen.

Long time no see i guess?

Indeed, how have you been? And what about Kate?

This is not the time to speak about friends and relatives.
I would rather know what are you doing in my space.
And how have you got here.

You know, spacey stuff. One day you are flying thru uncharted systems... other finds a intergalaxy gate, then jumps... alot of shit happens... and thats how I ended up here.

You really didn't change, right? I see you don't have engines. I'll tractor you to Tripoli for some repairs.
Oh and we are confiscating this derelict Osiris.
Taking what's ours since 500 A.S.

Was all that slaughtering necessary? Also, Mr. Miller, I think I can't let you have this ship. You won't know what do to with it anyway.

My friend look at this bridge. Its the same room you're sitting in. Look through your window.

Look at your ship. Then look at my ship. Now look in your ship. Now you don't get in my ship. This baby has some neat features I can't let anyone else have, Mr. Miller.

I am afraid that you are now at our mercy.

There's no way we could get this solved like civilized people?

Alright, i agree. First, let's get to Tripoli. Then we can talk.

The ships arrive at Tripoli Shipyard and the repairs of the Morpheus start.
In an enclosed chamber Seth and Fagu are having a little chat.
Seth hands a Fagu a glass of Sidewinder Fang.

Now, let's talk like two old friends. How did you get in my space. Explain yourself.

Well, want the short one or the long one?

Long one. There's gonna be some days until the Morpheus gets in shape.

Alright, I thought you would take the short one...

Well, remember when my people dissapeared from Sirius?
We found an unstable jump hole quite far from here, deep in nomad territory which we managed to stabilize it the enough time to send a probe through.
It led to a brown dwarf star in a small system, nothing really interesting.
Well if we dont count the wrecks we found there, it seems a huge battle happened it quite long ago, not much to scavenge, just some hull pieces and a small "toy" they forgot in there.

Continue. Seth said while drinking a sip of the Sidewinder.

A small device which at first seemed like a black box of some sort...We managed to understand that it was a navigational memory core. Well, the device was damaged by the years in space but the scientists got a star-map from it. It showed the location of several undiscovered jump-holes
So we started to explore those places...not much either, most of the jump-holes were no more or just too dangerous to get through.

Until weeks later we found what it seemed a shipyard... and surprise! There was a ship half-built docked.

We got what they had built. Finished it with our own stuff, took us some time to get the materials past those routes, and got it ready to fly.

Everything was perfect...too perfect.

When, as always, shit happened. said Seth while finishing the glass.

While system test of the new ship baptized as the Râ, they touched something, I still do not know how, but the ship created an energy bubble around it and jumped away to a nearby system. It didn't took us too much trouble to follow it. When we got in, we found something that resembled a jump-gate, only that it was huge and old.

So you managed to get your hands on probably the most important discovery since the First Settlement and you managed to screw up? Why aren't i surprised? Alas, continue.

Yeah, better me than them.

After some incidents the scientists activated the device and jumped with the Râ, the Morpheus and the Reffited Liberty Cruisers, the Dreamer and the Chimera.

I understand.

After that, I do not remember too much of most of the travel. When we reached the other side we could call back. The gate was closed and we had some "hostile locals" problem. The ships which seemed to be Nomads, though nobody had the time to study them as they opened fire and forced us to leave the system via jump-hole. After that it was a constant cat and mouse game. Until we managed to get some rest in a neutron star system.

After an "incident" in an abandoned alien station, I got knocked out for long. I only know what they told me. They rescued an alien ship and named it the Hope later as in the ship charts there was marked another jump gate. After all that and a lot of other stuff, I woke up and got our ships through the jump gate with what it seemed half of an alien fleet behind. We had heavy loses, it was a last run for our lives. The Râ got thru the jump gate first and we lost the chimera thanks to the alien bombers. The Morpheus and the Dreamer got through and we don't know what happened to the Hope.
The Hope jumped before us and we never met with them on the other side.

And that is pretty much everything.

Lt. Alfonso enters the room.

Don Gabriel, we completed repairs on the Morpheus, it is ready to fly, but internal equipment and systems will require a full week of our engineers aboard it.

Alright. It is under the command of Don Benitez until further notice.

Fagu's face turns red of anger.

Well, I was expecting too much of your "kindness". My fault.

Sir, on that matter, the council of elders met in an extraordinary meeting shortly after you docked on Tripoli and decided the following:
Due to Aegeis' older affairs with us his ship shall be handed to him and he will be let go. That would be all. Thank you.

Lt. Alfonso exits the room.
Seth turns to Fagu.

I know what's on that ship and if the elders will learn of your research you won't be leaving Corsair space. Moreover you will be accused of treason for not sharing vital information. You will be executed.

I'll think about what to do when that happens later.

Join me in the ranks of the Imperial Forces.You will at first be a Slave but you will climb the ranks fast, no-doubt. You are experienced with the life of an outcast amongst the Houses. And by joining us you will be able to fund your such expensive research. You could also turn down my offer and die.

So, joining you? Well, it seems I have no choice. I'll keep my researches, with all this I've learnt that there are things that are better to leave ... forgotten. But I think I can give you something.

Fagu leads Seth to his chambers on the recently repaired Morpheus.

He lifts a stone-box with strange, old markings from under his desk.

We found that on the Râ, I dont know what it does, scanners can't penetrate it and we couldn't make a scratch to the surface. But I'm sure it ain't harmful, probably some kind of alien toy. I've got that feeling.

Thank you, maybe it will open at some point.

Seth gives the box to Lt. Alfonso to be transported to his personal chambers on the Maledictus.
Both of them leave for the bar.
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Re: Homecoming.

Post by Fagu_Aegeis » Mon May 09, 2011 11:45 am

OOC: Seth edited the RP.
come and read it again.
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