RP - Discovery

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RP - Discovery

Post by Fagu_Aegeis » Wed Aug 24, 2011 10:39 pm

- NY; Manhattan

In a small motel room in the slums
The room was small dirty, dark. A bed, an old terminal and less than the very basic was all the furniture in the room.
Not a surprise, considering the place.

A man enters the room.
Fagu: So, here I am. And closes the room's door.
???: Sit down. Says a strange person, hiding in the shadows.
Fagu sits down in the bed.
So, why did you call me? The first in the Liberty top ten most wanted hackers.
So you did your homework A person steps in the range of a dim lamp on the ceiling, the only lightsource in the room.
The strange person was only a young man, not older than 17.
Well, not many people manages to contact me, and less, kids with nothing more interesting to do than annoy the major intelligence agencies. Says with smile.
Let's get serious. And he sits in a chair in front of Fagu.
Sure, Eris. And he gets comfortable on the bed.
The young man, now obviously surprised didn't say a thing.
I did my homework, now the only thing I need to know is why did you call me.
Eris: I know it. Said in a serious tone.
Many people knows things. He stands up. So, if you dont have anything else to say, I have important things to do.
Eris stands up, grabs Fagu from his arm and whispers something to him
Fagu's expression changes aswell as his attitude, like if here were a completely different person. Cold and threating.
He quickly turns and grabs Eris from his neck. Give me a reason to let you live.
Eris notices how Fagu's eye color changes to a dark purple with a faint glow.*
Take me with you! I'm the best hacker of Sirius!
I don't need kids with me.
I know you are going to the Edge nebula, I need to see them! I know about the artifact, I can decipher it.
Fagu releases him and Eris steps back to catch his breath.
What do you know about it? The artifact.
That it is not from this galaxy, and that it uses the most complex biometric lock system ever seen.
Fagu's eyes goes back to normal as he calms.
Ok, I'll give you an opportunity. First you must destroy all the data you have about what-we-know.
No prob- Fagu interrupts him.
We gotta get out of here!
And they both leave the motel.

*:Yep, he got pissed for the very first time.


PD: Couldnt think of a better title :P
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