Rules and Regulations (08/04/08)

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Rules and Regulations (08/04/08)

Post by fox » Fri Feb 24, 2006 12:03 pm

General Forum Rules:
1. Post and keep topics to their respective forum; if it's simply an accident, it will be moved for you, don't worry about it - just don't do it repeatedly.

2. Do not post any offensive material - this includes, but is not limited to, excessive profanity, posting of pornography, attacks on someone's ethnic background, etc. Use common sense - if you wouldn't say it to someone's face in a real conversation, don't say it here.

3. Do not start a personal argument (or "flame-war") with another member here; take your bickering elsewhere, because under no circumstances will we tolerate this behavior.

4. Do not spam (repeatedly post) topics, especially in multiple forums. This includes posting in your Clan Forum (if you own one) a topic about a clan-related victory, and then immediately posting the same thing in another Clan Forum - doing so counts as spamming, and one of the two topics (or both) will be deleted.

Consequences of Infractions:
-- Violation of these rules, intended or not, will be dealt with by a warning.
-- Continued violations shall be dealt with by a short-term ban.
-- Violations following a short-term ban will be dealt with by a permanent ban.
-- If you are the leader of a clan and are a moderator of your clan's Clan Forums, any violations of these rules will have you stripped of your power to moderate your Clan Forums.

That should be it, for now. Don't mess with us. We're mean and grumpy and have guns and mobs and stuff.

I am aware these rules have not been as strictly enforced as they could have. Please know that as of August 04, 2008, I am fully prepared to banish repeat rule-breakers from the 88 Flak community - permanently. Some of the arguments that have spawned between users - both public and private - are unacceptable. Thank you for your time. ~fox

Minor Edit: Although the rules are unchanged, they have been slightly reworded in sections for clarity. ~fox, 05/01/12


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