Planet explorers

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Planet explorers

Post by Merker » Thu Apr 11, 2013 5:42 am

Woa, what happened to the forums...the main flak ones haven't been updated since last year..... Is flak dead? where's Doju? I heard something about him quitting the project....

How are you guys? Alive? kickin'?

I'm not that much into gaming as I was in the old days, nothing interesting on the market except rejects like DA2 and ME3, the big companies destroying everything just for the sake of getting more molah. Not into forums either, I just don't have the energy to get into that anymore.

I do see a lot of kickstarter projects blooming, some of them really interesting, the kind of things I would have liked to play in my childhood, things like Limith Theory and Star Citizen, which I see you've posted about here on the site.

I did come across something that rekindled my passion for sci-fi and games in general, and got my imagination started again: Planet explorers

Basically it's a sandbox with a story that let's you build a colony on an alien planet starting from wood tools and going to shuttles that can go back to space. That is a brilliant concept, but what is more brilliant is that these guys actually look like they can pull it off. The alpha they have released proves it, and what's best is that it's free at the moment, and incredibly well detailed! You can design your weapons(both melee and guns), vehicles, and in the future buildings(you can build stuff in any shape and form now, but this refers to "prefab" type buildings), shields, turrets, mechs etc. Future versions will also have diplomacy, and the next alpha will have airplanes! It also has different play modes like build mode to test out your inventions, adventure mode if you just want to fight and build and, you'll never guess...multiplayer!

Since I see this whole forum section is full of kickstarter projects might as well give you my preview of this. Here are the links:
1) kickstarter link+trailers(must watch, you can do all that stuff in the game) ... -explorers

2) Forums(lots of good advice for playing, bug lists, and a playthrough of mine :P )

3) LP for starting players


Merker out
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Re: Planet explorers

Post by Dofod » Wed May 01, 2013 1:06 am

Hey good sir! Dofod here. I am sure most of us lurk and its quiet because...well we don't really have much to say/contribute so that's that. As for doju & others well, yeah, just search the forums for answers. It's nothing really, flak and other freelancer mods dying gracefully, quite the natural progress of things.

That KS project you mentioned is rather interesting! will keep it on my watch-list, my main investment is Star citizen tho, so I will debrief that with all of yous once the garage/hanger is out. most probably going to crop some pics and post them here.

Personally I have been playing Cities in Motion 2, anno 2070 and Third Age:Total war so haven't been on Flak lately if at all. Helloween have been consistently bringing new stuff in the mod tho so you can always visit that and see what's new there.

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